Here are some testimonials on why venue4ideas is much more than just logistics for meetings.

Celia Ojeda  

Marine Biologist and Expert in Fisheries, Oceans Preservation and Pollution NGO Campaigns

Venue: National Fishers Gathering (2019) – 40 pax – 2 days meeting

“Having a national Fishers gathering organized by venue4ideas was definitely a great experience. They handled all Logistics, from Hotel accommodation to meals, arrival and departure agenda for participants, paying dedicated attention to specific personal needs. This helped me to concentrate in achieving the best results from our meeting, and feel confident about the Logistics which proved to be excellent”

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Natalia Truchi 

Facilitator and Expert in Organizational Strategies

Venue: NGO Global Forest Meeting (2018) – 86 pax – 6 days meeting

“Working with venue4ideas team was a great experience. Dedication, expertise and the best approach to solve any challenges, that’s their trademark. We were a big group (more than 80) and venue4ideas support helped us focus on our work.”

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Rakel Muñoz

Engagement & Campaing Design and Expert in NGO Mobilization

Venue: NGO Open Labs + Creating Engaging Campaings (2018) 70 pax – 4 days meeting

Venue4ideas organized incredibly well a really complex double event, running simultaneously. We had multiple locations, with different vendors, different contracts to negotiate and a multicultural participants audience. They bring great flexibility and solution-oriented way of working. Venue4ideas provided a human service with high standards of quality and professionalism, act in a proactive manner, being able to anticipate some situations that save us time and made the participants stay much comfortable. Great team!”

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Michael Silberman 

Global Director and Expert in NGO Mobilization 

Venue: Global Mobilisation Skills Share (2012) – 145 pax – 5 days meeting

“Ruth played a critical role in organizing Global Digital Mobilisation Skills Share (2012) — an incredibly successful event held in Catalonia thanks largely to Ruth’s extraordinary planning and logistics work before, during, and after the event. Managing multiple priorities, details, and personalities across time zones is no easy feat, but Ruth maintained both a professional approach as well as a sense of humor throughout, handling each new challenge with good judgement, a positive attitude, and a smile.”

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Allen Gunn

Executive Director at Aspiration Tech

Venue: Global Mobilisation Skills Share (2012) – Forests Global Meeting (2015) – Campaing Con (2016) – 145 pax – 5 days meeting

“Ruth has been essential strategic organizing partner on a number of global events Aspiration has co-organized in Spain. She brings a unique joy and creativity to the work, while demonstrating an unfailing attention to detail and quality. She is a joy and an inspiration, and a partner with whom we always look forward to finding future collaboration opportunities. venue4ideas makes events successful, fun and complete.”

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Will Bates

Organizing Director at 350.org

Venue: 350.0rg Annual Meeting (2015-2016) – 110 pax – 5 days meeting

“I’ve been to 2 meetings that Ruth (venue4ideas.org) helped organise in Catalunya, and both were outstanding. The venues were fantastic – the food, incredible. And Ruth managed every last detail in terms of plane and train pick-up and local transport, etc, wonderfully. We had just the sort of experience we were hoping for, and Ruth was key in making that happen smoothly.”

Mouna Ben Garga

Programme Officer at Civicus

Venue: CampaingCon (2016) – Oxfam, ActionAid, Civicus, other top NGO – 100 pax – 5 days meeting

“I worked with Ruth and Venue4Ideas in 2016 and they helped us organizing an international event of more than 100 persons from around the world.  Ruth and the team were really professional, resourceful and AMAZING. In fact, it was my first stress free event because of the team logistics and organizational skills. Ruth was quick and handled all the issues including visas issuing. She also showed a high level of flexibility and ability to work virtually with my team that are located in different timezones ( U.S. and South Africa). I highly recommend working with Ruth and we will use her service again.”

Charlotte Van Der Tak

NGO Campaing Operations Management Expert

Venue: Energy & Climate (2016) –  110 pax – 5 days meeting

“Working with Ruth for an event with more than 100 people was an absolute joy. Not only did she take responsibility for so many parts of the organisation, she was always thinking ten steps ahead in solving acute issues and ensuring that overall smooth flow of the event. I would therefore absolutely recommend to contract venue4ideas!”

Anna Pérez Català

Campaings Coordinator at Climate Tracker

Venue: CampaingCon Session (2016) – 150 pax – 6 days meeting

“I participated in a CampaignCon session in 2016, where more than 150 campaigners from all over the world gathered to share experiences, tools and ideas. The logistics were so smooth: the venue was great (including a terrace, forests and nice weather), and very suitable for the size of the group. The food was awesome and thoughtful of the different diets and specificities, and the rooms were very nice! Basically, we did not have to worry about logistics, only focus on the sharing experience – and that says it all.”

Nick Thorp

NGO Volunteer Coordinator Expert

Venue: Global Mobilisation Skills Share  (2012) – 145 pax – 5 days meeting

“The experience was truly inspiring and is one of the reasons I am still a volunteer today. Ruth provided an environment that allowed the delegates to concentrate 100% on a wide variety of activities, both indoor and outdoor at a fantastic location, without having to worry about the logistics of meals, rooms, chairs, equipment and internet access. This resulted in an extremely productive conference. Ruth’s organisation skills are second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.”

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