We are proud to cooperate with partners who believe in transformation and synergies, who engage actively to make a better world.

Associates for

Global transformation project lead by 4 women, providing:

* Facilitation and Training

* Organizational development and Leadership coaching

* Strategic communications and Campaign Design

We had the chance to share with Natalia Truchi, facilitator, a truly inspirational time for the Global Forest meeting on December ’18 near El Escorial (Madrid).

Natalia is a Campaigns & Communications Strategist, over 20 years of experience working for social change in multicultural environments, global and grassroot campaigns, building off line -on line bridges to make change happen.

Her expertise is focused in Design & facilitation of workshops, Training for social innovation (storytelling, media training, design thinking) and Support on campaigns strategic opportunities and planning.

Instituto Campus Stellae

Educational project, focused on International Organizations, People and Companies, located in Santiago de Compostela + amazing Coworking space.

  • Campus Stellae offers a wide range of Master Degrees in subjects such as Legal, Corporative, Personal Development and Cooperation.

We enjoyed, thanks to Nuria Pereira, President of Campus Stellae, a privileged place, plus amazing hospitality, to organise the venue for the National Fishers gathering organised on January ’19.

Let’s build something together.